Unfazed is an international collective of filmmakers and photographers specialized in storytelling.
It was founded to share cultural experiences and moving stories through images and words.
Our Work, resolutely human and wilderness oriented, is the result of breathtaking journeys and fortuitous encounters, all over the world. Driven by the adventures and the people’s stories that ensue,
Unfazed is constantly striving to face the unexpected.
Our Portfolio

Projects in Progress

White Dream
In Production, % 50
A 52' film about a man trying to fulfill his mushing dream in the cold wilderness with his only company being his loyal dogs.
Trailer Available.
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Burning Man TRIP
on air, % 60
Follow our report from inside the infamous gathering held every year in the scorching hot American desert.
non cuanxa
shooting, % 80
Documentary inside a tribe in Boruca, Costa rica.
Produced by SPICEE.

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