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Creative Storytelling Collective

Those earnest eyes. They rest upon the breeze... And set sail. Bewildered much but yet unfazed.

Unfazed is an international collective of filmmakers and photographers specialized in storytelling. It was founded to share cultural experiences and moving stories through images and words.
Our Work, resolutely human and wilderness oriented, is the result of breathtaking journeys and fortuitous encounters, all over the world. Driven by the adventures and the people’s stories that ensue, Unfazed is constantly striving to face the unexpected.

The Team

Our creatives, each with their own special skills, will become your storytelling allies. They’ll advise, challenge and surprise; guiding your journey from strategy to delivery.

Filmmaker &

David is always prepared and happy to take part in different and sometimes strange activities.

An intrepid filmmaker at heart, who’s adventurous and open soul allows him to capture the most unique scenes.

Based in Paris, France.

David guersan

Filmmaker &

At 23, after a business school and a solo trip for 1 year around the world focus on children 's living conditions in the world. Simon found his passion through testimony by images and words.

"Our job is not to please, not to harm it is to wear the pen in the wound" Albert Londres .

Based in Paris, France.

Simon guillemin

Video Editor &
Motion designer

Mathieu has been at it since 2009, working with international clients in Advertisement, Television, Web and other mediums.

After stints in both Paris and Budapest, He is, as of right now, based in Seoul.

Based in Seoul, Korea.

Mathieu bernat

drone pilot &

Based In London, Jamie loves to capture unique and emotive content.

An explorer at heart, travelling from the driest deserts to the toughest terrain, he is truly Unfazed.

Based in London, England.

jamie farquharson

Project manager &

After 10 years working for the People showbiz, Philippe started a new life on the tourism field.

Editor in chief for some famous french papers, he produced more than 500 reportage all around the world.

Based in Paris, France

Philippe Guersan

Sound Field Recordist

After practicing the craft of sound in
post-production on short films, advertisement and comics.

Arthaud started collecting sounds on the field in order to create a sonic atmosphere within the frame and giving it justice.

Based in Paris, France.

Arthaud versaveaud



We like challenges and we love to make a good use of our creativity to reinvent and expand our confort zone. We will make your project our own to achieve our common goal.
Our films are tailor-made to fit your objectives, whether you are a brand or a production company. From solid research to the creative approach, from script to storyboard. We work as a team, each member will contribute his unique skillset to offer a wider, more diverse perspective to your project.


Our dual approach as Photojournalists and Cinematographers allow us to deliver information in a aesthetic and memorable way to provide a thought-provoking, genuine and compelling impact. Our goal is to attract the viewer into the film. With Unfazed there is no limit to what your imagination can produce.


This is the last piece of the puzzle. This is the step that's gonna bring life into a story that took hours, days or sometimes months to arrive. We blend design, animation, and live action in order to create compelling narratives on dramatic color-graded films. We make sure the project looks powerful and memorable.

social media strategy

We are aware of the importance and impact of social media and that's why we create strategies in order to promote the content and also to further involve communities and influencers on our projects. the goal is to spread your message to the biggest audience.

Culture trip

Unfazed is a talented collective of filmmakers and photographers motivated by a passion for storytelling and a lust for life ... to capture the magic that exists within the world’s last wildernesses and the beauty found throughout the stories of the people they meet...

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