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National Scientific Police Institute.

Since the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris and despite nightmarish scenes, the INPS police had processed over thousands of samples over six scenes of nightmarish crimes, 130 victims identified, corpses in lint of kamikazes, hundreds of Kalashnikov projectiles, dozens of searches. Nearly 300 police forensic agents whom 110 agents from INOPS were trying to make the clues collected at the scene of the attacks speak for themselves.
One of the three kamikazes of the Bataclan: Ismaël Omar Mostefaï was confused thanks to the automated fingerprint file (Faed), which lists 5,335,772 individuals. Mostefaï has been registered there according to its eight previous judicial convictions.
Quai de Horloge, in Paris, the INPS has a collection of more than 4,500 weapons, the largest in France and indispensable for making comparisons shots.
As part of the investigation into the attacks of 13 November, seven weapons were seized: six Kalashnikov assault rifles and a 9mm automatic pistol.

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This exclusive reportage was made thanks the assignment of the french magazine PHOSPHORE. During two days, we met the staff who worked on the attacks of Bataclan in 2015 and who work also on any kind of criminal case which implies murders, suicides or any other kind of death suspected to be not natural. We learn either about the quantity of informations a bullet can let after being shot or how experts can find any clue by using DNA investigation.

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