when earth decides to take nearly 9000 people's life
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On April 25, 2015, Nepal is hit by a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9.

Few days later, on May 12, 2015, a powerful new aftershock hits the country. In total: almost 9000 people lost their lives.

While Kathmandu, the capital, seems almost to have been spared, in the camps or on the ruins, between humanitarian assistance and unsuccessful, little by little, life begins again...

(légende à glisser sous la photo si tu arrives) : Medics are taking care of a kid in the major camp of Kathmandu, after getting hurt during the earthquake.

Below a short video taken the first day after arrival in Nepal, for a 2 weeks photo reportage meeting the victims of the repeated earthquakes that hit Nepal between April 25 and May 18, 2015..

average people killed
people injured
aftershocks of 4 Mw during the month of the first shock.
Billions of damages
15 days after the first 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, in Kathmandu the victims are struggling to clear the rubble of their home. Some are trying to grab some things between the bricks, while others have lost everything. In the dust, a few meters away, we see an English course scribbled on a notebook. Elsewhere in "unofficial" camps where humanitarian aid is absent, families are trying to survive with little. Most are waiting under tarpaulins dreading the incoming monsoon. As for the children, they are amused as if nothing had happened. Between football games, filling water bottles and helping the ancestors. Despite the closure of schools life goes on. In this tragic picture, there are the hospitals overflowing, the many tents pitched in the streets or the thundering taxis that cross dangerously in the winding streets of the villages.

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