ITV Milky Chance

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Voici quelques questions posés au groupe MILKY CHANCE…

« For us music is not a challenge… live music is the most importante… »

1 / Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

(where are you from, how did you start the band how did to you meet ? )

2 / Could you tell us about you’re style, what are your inspiration for this first album ?

3/ Your first single is now N1 in France, how do you feel about your success ?

4/ Do you have any rituels and What’s in your mind 5 minutes before the show?

5/ Do you remember your very first gig ? Can you tell us about it?

6/ Do you have place you would love to perform at?

7/ Can you tell us about life on tour? -Your best / worst memory on tour? A funny story?

8/ And Now, what’s the next step for you guyz ?