World trade Center Man

Harry John Roland
This film could be played every single day of the year, because Harry is also there everyday, on Ground zero, yelling to the World to open their eyes on something that isn’t that obvious : an uncomfortable truth.
The days are flying by, but Harry is still there : concerned, passionnate
and known by all those who once went to Ground zero.

Project Details

team david guersan & mathieu bernat

Date: February 1th, 2014

LOCATION: New york city

sound gaultier frossard

Thanks to Harry Roland – 9/11 NYC Memorial

Harry John Roland calls himself the « World trade Center Man“, a self-appointed tour guide at the World Trade Center site. He used to work as a tour guide in the South Tower, so he’s good at it — but now, instead of it being his job, it’s his obsession. He goes to the site every single day.


But why would a man his age do that? Well, it’s not only about telling people and tourists what happened : it’s about remembering all the innocent people who had to die that day for a reason that hasn’t been told. Harry is the voice of those who cannot speek anymore. He is a living memorial, a reliable thing in an ever changing world, where catastrophies are a daily business.
Hours with him
towers down
days a week on ground zero

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